Breakfast Republic: Worth the Calories (and the Coma)

Behold Breakfast Heaven - A.K.A. Breakfast Republic. Quite possibly my new favorite breakfast place in all of San Diego, this little nook in Encinitas (one of four locations in the county) takes breakfast to a whooooole new level. It's for true breakfast lovers, as evidenced by their creative, impressive takes on breakfast classics, morning cocktails worthy of any millennial's approval, and a hip, trendy atmosphere that fits San Diego (and Encinitas, particularly) just right. First, the menu is...overwhelming. (In all…

10 Photos to Convince You Italy’s Cinque Terre is Heaven on Earth

My absolute favorite stop on my 3-week whirlwind Italy trip this summer was Cinque Terre. There's no contest. The five villages along this Riviera are the adorable, picturesque, iconic multicolored towns I always dreamed about - with a charming ambience and breathtaking hike between them to complete it. We spent several days here just soaking up the sunshine and laid-back atmosphere (complete with daily siesta) and loved poking into the villages to eat gelato and stroll the quaint alleyways. In…