Female + Solo Travel


Your First Hostel Stay: 10 Things To Know

Thankfully, the days of dirty, outdated, noisy hostels with a reputation for bedbugs and squeaky metal bunkbeds are - mostly - gone. Most hostels these days are clean, safe, well-equipped, and modern. Choosing to stay in these communal facilities versus an expensive hotel where guests keep to themselves can reap wonderful rewards like lifelong friendships (not to mention lots of saved funds!) The hostel culture makes travel a lot more fun, more connected, and in my experience, more memorable. Here…

10 Safety Tips for Solo (Female) Travelers

I've been traveling solo for 8 years now, and I can't tell you how many times I've heard reactions along the lines of: "You travel alone?! What! I would never let my daughter travel alone!" or, "I couldn't travel alone, I'm too scared." But the good news is that solo travel is very safe in most cases - even for single women. No, the entire world beyond your door is not a war zone filled with ruffians, thugs, poison ivy,…