Monday Memento: L’Eiffel on a Summer Evening

September 9, 2013

Paris - Day 2 160

One of my favorite memories of all time is lying beneath the famous, beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, on a warm summer evening. Surrounded by hundreds of tourists and locals alike, staring up at that golden tower that creates one of the most iconic images in the world, I realized I was experiencing the quintessential European summer experience. And I’m dreaming of the day I can do it again.

    1. Enjoying a lovely dinner on a river boat on the Seine, all at once hearing the sounds of ohhhh and ahhhh, I turned to find the Eiffel Town twinkling at me in all it’s splendor. A memory I will never forget and I wish everyone to enjoy.

    1. Great site. Plenty of useful inorfmation here. So far I’ve no idea of travelling with social media communities and mobile apps and so on. Maybe I will give it a try on my next trip to Australia and New Zealand

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