As you all know, I am the lead ambassador for the San Diego community of Gogobot, a travel network I feel very passionately about. One of the perks of my role is getting to explore new restaurants, bars, activities, and adventures in my own hometown – and bringing the community together with me!

This past week, our community had the utmost pleasure of enjoying a full menu tasting at Greystone the Steakhouse on 5th Avenue downtown. Their graciousness was rivaled only by their food, which was, in a word, impeccable.

I’m no gastronomical expert, but I love food, m’kay? These hips don’t lie. And San Diego has such a salivation-worthy culinary scene, into which Greystone fits like a glove.

Let’s take a trip through the foodie frenzy that was the evening at Greystone. Try not to drool on your keyboards.

*I don’t remember the exact order of these dishes, and I certainly didn’t remember every single ingredient, so I’ve referenced Greystone’s menu here for exact details.

Parmesan Truffle Fries
These were a hit all around. Because really, who doesn’t love gourmet fries with cheese dusted on them?

Greystone Salad
Butter (“living”) lettuce, candied pecans, pears, bleu cheese, lemon mustard vinaigrette
For a salad, I was shocked how much I loved this. The flavors were rich and exciting, and I actually took a second helping. OF SALAD.

Strawberries & Heirloom Tomatoes
Tomatoes, strawberries, burrata (cheese made from buffalo milk), with mint, olive oil, basil, and balsamic reduction
Locally sourced from Suzie’s Farm, the tomatoes, strawberries, and creamy cheese made a delicious combination – especially with the mint. Surprisingly, it didn’t overpower anything, but complemented the flavors nicely. This one was a hit around the table!

Wild Boar Sausage
Served with beets, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and a pinot noir reduction
One of their specialties – it tasted sort of like the kangaroo I had in Australia, but it was more tender, moist, and packed with flavor in one small little sausage.

Kobe Beef
Served with bleu cheese, truffle oil, and black truffle shavings (seasonal)
Served on skewers kabob-style, the manager also drizzled them with white truffle oil (do you know how expensive that stuff is?! I considered scraping it off into a vial and selling it on the black market. Okay, not really.) and then finely grated black truffles on top. Mmmmm.

Eight Cheese Macaroni
Did I mention EIGHT CHEESES? I could taste the pungent Gouda most of all, but the whole thing was so creamy and gooey and heavenly, I could hardly stand it. Plus, bacon. We fought for the last bites.

21-day aged USDA Prime New York (no picture)
This was hand-selected by the chef from their private butcher. The cut was divine – moist, tender, melt-in-your-mouth…almost better than the Kobe, in my opinion.

Cheesecake & Tiramisu
The dessert plate was a sliver of raspberry cheesecake and tiramisu (we each got our own) – both of which were rich, decadent, and a perfect ending to the meal. Plus, the house-made pineapple martini (specifically selected to pair with their meats) was practically a dessert in itself!

All in all, everyone at the table left stuffed – and every review on Greystone’s Gogobot page featured 5/5 stars. Every bite was delicious – I truly don’t think I disliked a thing. And I WILL be back someday soon – whether for a date, girls’ night out, or hell, I might even just take myself out. That 8-cheese mac is calling my name!

Greystone the Steakhouse is open 7 days a week starting at 4pm (happy hour from 4-6:30pm)
Address: 658 5th Avenue, San Diego 92101
(street parking nearby only)

Reservations: (619) 232-0225
Greystone on Gogobot

*This review is entirely my own opinion, and is not endorsed or prompted by Greystone the Steakhouse or its management.