My very first Kick the Bucket List challenge was a success! Thank you all so much for supporting the inaugural competition and sending in your awesome stories. I enjoyed reading all of them, and I’m so happy you were inspired to get out there and do something new – whether you were facing your fears on a dare, or just trying something different. I hope you all had a blast, and are inspired to keep experiencing new things!

With that being said, it’s time to announce the first winner! The very first Kick the Bucket List winner went above and beyond (literally) to kick-start his bucket list. He did something that was at once new, exciting, and scary to him, and pushed himself out of his comfort zone. Because of his efforts and his initiative, I just had to pick his story.

So congratulations…
Kevin Klicman!
Kevin faced his fears and took a hot air balloon ride in San Diego. As the August challenge winner, he will win his choice of a $50 Southwest Airlines gift card or a $50 Best Western gift card. (Kevin, please email me your choice!) Here’s his story:

I have always been afraid of open heights (planes don’t bother me, just anything that I could fall out of) but I have always wanted to feel what it would be like to fly. Wind in my face, floating with the wind. Barring a radioactive mishap, I knew this was impossible, so I had always wanted to try the next best thing…hot air ballooning. I love being up high and getting a view that is extraordinary, so it was perfect. At first I was freaking out a bit, but as soon as you get off the ground, it’s literally gliding through the air with no bumps…like a knife through warm butter. Here I am days later and I still can’t believe it…I FLEW. I was in the sky, I could see everything. It was surreal.
Kevin_Hot air balloonKevin_hot air balloon 2

There were 9 entries altogether (including mine), and five participants completed their challenge this last month. The other four weren’t able to complete theirs for one reason or another, and will be carrying them over to this month’s competition.

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Congratulations to everyone! Start thinking about your next activity – the September challenge kicks off now!