A rainy Saturday morning brunch at Bub’s at the Beach is just what the doctor ordered….even if you aren’t hungover.

Settled just a block or two down from some of the more notorious dive bars of PB, Bub’s at the Beach is appropriately situated for those who over-indulge the night before and need a greasy, hearty pick-me-up. (Likewise, they can go for the hair of the dog with the generous cocktail menu and full bar.)

Bub's at the Beach - Our table view

Brunch offerings are not particularly exhaustive, but they cover the basics: benedicts, French toast, scrambled, hash. The Farmer’s Benedict – consisting of waffles, cereal-crusted chicken strips, bacon, over-easy eggs, sausage gravy and maple syrup – was delightfully “ridiculous” (in the words of the bartender.) Truly, she asked us how hungry we were when we ordered it! Of course, Trevor finished every bite.

Bub's at the Beach - Farmer's Benedict

My steak and eggs hash was perfectly satiating, and though I wasn’t in need of a sobering meal, it certainly would have done the trick. (If/when I am in need of one, I’m definitely hitting up Bub’s at the Beach.) Eggs, onions, peppers, and flank steak served atop house potatoes in your own personal skillet, it came out sizzling hot and perfect for a rainy morning.

Steak and eggs hash from Bub's at the Beach

But the best part of the entire meal was the bacon flight. Yes, you heard me: BACON. FLIGHT. Four individually-flavored strips arrived on a pig-shaped board: sriracha maple (which I couldn’t touch, but Trevor loved), garlic parmesan (BEST THING EVER), Thai sweet chili, and cracked pepper/brown sugar. I’m salivating just thinking about it. 🤤

Bub's at the Beach offers a bacon flight!

Of course, no brunch would be complete in my eyes without a crafty cocktail, so I had the Morning Mule: grapefruit vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and bitters. It was refreshing and went down quite easily, especially paired with a hearty steak and egg skillet.

Morning Mule Cocktail from Bub's at the Beach

If you need a low-key dive-bar-style brunch with good food, a full bar, and table games to continue the party from the night before, look no further than Bub’s at the Beach.

More info: https://bubspb.com/