Holy mackerel (no pun intended) — Waterbar in PB is incredible. It’s the kind of trendy place where the food is upscale and pricey, but all the clientele is in flip-flops. AKA San Diego in a nutshell, amiright?

We started off with cocktails (of course), which were extra lovely with the view of the setting sun over the ocean right outside our window.

Cocktails from Waterbar

I recommend Waterbar’s Ganga, a refreshing sparkling wine and Aperol drink (if you’ve ever been to Italy, you should be familiar with the Aperol Spritz), or the Calypso with Wild Turkey Rye and passionfruit créme. 😍

Crab cakes and burrata with beets were the (admittedly difficult-to-make) choice for appetizers, both delicious, tender, and the perfect accompaniment to our drinks. Indeed, Trevor, who is NOT a seafood fan, loved the crab cakes!

Waterbar's Crab cakes and burrata with beets

For our entrees, Trevor opted for the Waterbar skirt steak, marinated in guajillo Chile salsa – deliciously thin, tender, and bursting with subtle but slightly spicy flavor. And the fingerling potatoes? Smoked in seaweed butter and done to absolute perfection.

Skirt steak from Waterbar

My fish and chips – a Baja tilefish served with ancho remoulade – were comfort food to a T, but the fries were honestly the star of the show. 🍟 Sprinkled with coarse sea salt and spritzed with malt vinegar, they were literally the best fries I’ve had in a very long time. Truly, I cannot remember the last time I had fries I could actually eat and enjoy without a dipping sauce. (Kudos, Waterbar!)

Waterbar's Fish & Chips

Despite being full to bursting (we ordered two more cocktails halfway through our meal), we couldn’t help ourselves, so we ordered the special Donuts of the Day: chocolate with peanut butter frosting and drizzled in Butterfinger candy. WHAT. They were the perfect, decadent end to an altogether amazing meal.

Donut of the Day

If you’re looking for delicious food and cocktails with a view (especially an ocean sunset), look no further than Waterbar.

More info: https://www.waterbarsd.com/