Just when I thought I couldn’t like a breakfast spot in San Diego better than…well, basically anything else I’ve tried so far…I go and get invited to Farmer’s Bottega.

The rustic space is both chic and homey at the same time, with wood paneling and an entire wall covered in plants like a vertical topiary. As with most places that do brunch (well) in San Diego, the menu is overwhelming – and you will find yourself wanting to order one of just about everything. (Like 6 choices for French toast alone! My sweet tooth was on overload.)

You can opt for healthful dishes like granola and steel-cut oatmeal, but savory lovers will adore the variety of omelets and frittatas, while sweets lovers like me will be in sugar heaven with the French toast/pancake menu. They offer a 3-piece mix-and-match sampler of both, which means you can try three different flavors — a Godsend for those who can’t make a decision to save their lives. *points to self*

Here’s what we ended up indulging in:

Short Rib Benedict
(lemongrass soft polenta + slow braised short rib + chipotle hollandaise)
Tender, melt-in-your-mouth, rich, and filling, but satisfying to the man with a huge appetite!

French Toast sampler
1) brioche with strawberries & cream, 2) French toast stuffed with mascarpone cheese + strawberry compote, 3) Tiramisu: lady fingers cookies dipped in their secret coffee recipe with rum-mascarpone cheese. They were all TO DIE FOR. I literally cannot pick a favorite!

Mix-and-Match Pancakes
1) Bonfire: Reese’s spread + marshmallows + graham crackers, 2) Lemon poppyseed + chocolate sauce + lemon mascarpone cheese

Of course, there is a whole librations menu as well: Trevor ordered a watermelon cocktail that he loved (I hate watermelon, so I gave it a hard pass.) But the coffee was fantastic. You might remember I’m a coffee snob? Don’t worry: the cappuccino here passed my test.

Final score? 10/10, for sure. Delicious food, tantalizing options, fun space. Definitely a great way to start your weekend off right.

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Farmer’s Bottega
860 W Washington St.
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 458-9929
Open daily at 8am