Happy one-year anniversary to Stranger In This Town! I’ve been travel blogging for 6 years, but only started my own brand last summer. Thank you all for your support and feedback during that time. To celebrate, here’s a compilation of the most popular posts over this past year. Sit back, and enjoy a little trip down archive lane…

I’ve got exciting things planned for the next year: look out for lots of new features, more reader interaction, even some contests and giveaways – and of course, more stories about travel and awesome destinations! My goal is to triple readership over this next year, so any help by you is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much! Happy travels!

1. How I climbed Mount Doom (and simply walked into Mordor)

2. The magic and mystery of Milford Sound

3. Sea Kayaking at La Jolla Caves

4. Banana rafts, white beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef

5. Paradise in Prague