Happy November, friends!

It’s been awhile, I know. Unfortunately, since returning home from my awesome six weeks in New Zealand and Australia, the extent of my travels has been around the southwest corner of the U.S. (with a short venture into Mexico!) Adventures have been pretty local, but that doesn’t mean I’m not finding them whenever I can.

For example, last weekend I hosted my first ever Gogobot-sponsored event in my hometown. Many of you know that I am heavily involved with the travel company Gogobot – I have been an editorial intern, hotel correspondent, and freelancer for them, and I am currently a Tribe leader as well as going through the process of becoming an Ambassador for them (excited face here!). Part of the application process was to throw a small event for my local community. I came up with the idea of a city-wide scavenger hunt as a way to bring the community together, have fun, and likely embarrass ourselves in the name of friendly competition.

The event was a roaring success (she said humbly), and I got an outpouring of positive feedback, as well as people who weren’t able to partake expressing interest in the next event I throw. Apparently, I know how to throw down around town. (Or something like that.)

Participants had two hours to go around town and complete the following tasks, among others:

  • Propose to a stranger and get a “yes”
  • High-five a law enforcement official
  • Moonwalk across an intersection
  • Pole dance on a street sign (life-changing to watch my male friends do this)
  • Ask someone for directions to the nearest cemetery

Take a look at this quirky video I compiled to share some of the teams’ crazy antics:


Interested in joining the next San Diego event? I’ll post details here when the next one is solidified, so keep an eye out!

(Not in San Diego? There will also be events in San Francisco and Los Angeles, thrown by my fellow Ambassadors and Community Managers, and I will share those with you as well!)