In case you couldn’t tell already, I love brunch. I could eat breakfast food all day, every day. Is there really anyone reading this who disagrees with me?

My latest brunching excursion was at Solana Beach’s Pillbox Tavern, a small, modern cafe space off Lomas Santa Fe. As with most brunch spots, we compromised on the breakfast/lunch items and opted for the cold brew coffee, French toast, benedicts, and….hot wings? Yep, Trevor loves wings, and the hotter, the better. So I wasn’t surprised when he chose the wings called “Dante’s Inferno” — and in his own words, “they live up to the name.” I, not caring for spicy hot in the slightest, opted for the maple bourbon bacon wings. And they were amazing.

The cinnamon French toast was a delight: not too sugary sweet, the cinnamon gave them a gentle spicy flavor and the consistency of a light, airy cake. Served with fruit, I didn’t even need the maple syrup (which I overheard the server telling the next table is actually made in-house.)

The double bacon benedict was incredible — a smorgasbord of Canadian bacon & chopped bacon, spinach & arugula mix, poached eggs, chunky avocado & tomato salsa on grilled ciabatta bread and topped with hollandaise sauce. The greens and avocado helped tone down the richness of the hollandaise and eggs, but it was still the same creamy, delicious full flavor profile benedict-lovers will expect. (Like Trevor.)

Halfway through our meal, our friends who live just up the street joined us — so we coerced them into trying the Breakfast Bowl, which was the dish we had originally cut from our lineup so we wouldn’t over-eat. Just one bite had me drooling: a fluffy biscuit with scrambled eggs, fajita vegetables, bacon, cheese, potato cakes, and avocado on top of country gravy….it’s a multilayered masterpiece. Basically, all of your favorite savory breakfast dishes in one. Genius.

My only “complaint” is that Pillbox Tavern doesn’t serve hot beverages, so my coffee cravings were in momentary peril when we first sat down. Luckily, they serve iced coffee with all-natural creamer — which ended up being some of the best iced coffee I’ve ever had. (Ironically, it’s Starbucks brand. Go figure.)

For a casual brunch (or lunch or dinner or evening grub and beers), Pillbox Tavern is a great option – it’s the perfect beach town cafe with friendly service, comfort food served up with a creative flair, and an open, airy atmosphere that reminds you you’re in good ol’ San Diego.

Pillbox Tavern
117 Plaza St.
Solana Beach, CA 92075
(858) 436-7016