San Diego is just awful — there’s too much ‪sunshine‬, hipsters drinking freshly brewed ‪craft beer‬, and we put fries INSIDE our burritos? Seriously?

In case you didn’t cotton on to my blatant snark….I’m kidding. I wrote a totally facetious article about the reasons you’ll “hate” San Diego for Gogobot this week, and the thing went viral. I must admit, I’m pretty stoked to see so many people sharing and loving it, so I had to re-share it here.

If you’re curious, here are some of the reasons San Diego is hell on Earth:

You need sunscreen like, every day

Photo: San Diego by: Terry Gardner – Courtesy: Gogobot

There’s just so. much. sunshine.

There are a zillion craft breweries (actually 100+)

Photo: Downtown San Diego by: klorrainegraham flickr – Courtesy: Gogobot

Bud Light is far superior to our hipster coffee-infused beer. That you can drink on an outdoor patio. In the sunshine. In January.

We put carne asada on fries

Photo: Downtown San Diego by: SodanieChea flickr – Courtesy: Gogobot

And fries in our BURRITOS. Blasphemy.

You can get a tan at the beach 362.5 days of the year

Photo: Del Mar by: n kw flickr – Courtesy: Gogobot

The other 2.5 days it’s probably drizzling.

Vegas is a weekend trip for locals

Photo: Las Vegas by: Celeny Da Silva – Courtesy: Gogobot

We are spoiled brats.

The streets are lined with palm trees

Photo: San Diego by: Art4TheGlryOfGod flickr – Courtesy: Gogobot

What is this, a movie set?

We have our own mini-island called Coronado

Photo: Coronado by: jlantzy flickr – Courtesy: Gogobot

As if we need MORE reasons to qualify as paradise.

The Mexican food is real

Photo: Old Town by: stu_spivack flickr – Courtesy: Gogobot

What’s so great about fresh tortillas, margaritas, and guacamole anyway?

For the remaining 12 reasons you’ll hate San Diego, read the rest of the original article on Gogobot!