Happy September, everyone! What did you all think of the first challenge in August? Kevin, our winner, was inspiring in his decision to go for a hot-air balloon….especially considering his fear of open heights!

It’s time for the next challenge, and I’m stoked to see new people have entered this time around!

There are some really cool things on there, too. I’ve shared the list below for inspiration — if you haven’t entered yet, but want to participate in September, send me your pledge at rmahan330(AT)gmail(DOT)com. You can enter at any time during the month, but you only have until September 30th to complete your challenge!

All participants, please remember to send me pictures/short video and a short write-up of your experiences after you fulfill your challenge. And share, post, and tweet away with the hashtag #kickthebucketlist! (Read here for the official rules of entry.)

Good luck, everyone!

September’s Kick the Bucket List Participants (so far)

Sara – Jump off a cliff
Trevor – Eat 10 new foods
Dan – Start working with pack mules to finish the Pacific Crest Trail
Tiffany – Learn meditation
Melissa – Get out and walk a total of 700 minutes
Michael – Brew another homemade beer

My pledge: Visit the beach at least once a week