I’m always on the lookout for the newest, coolest travel product that can make my trips (and life) easier. I was recently given the opportunity to try out a brand new product idea: Epic Wipes.

They’re billed as the “massive wet wipe,” but that’s a little misleading. These are not your chemical-ridden Handi-Wipes you tote around to a picnic – they’re a waterless shower in the form of a body sized, biodegradable, all-natural wipe!

The creator got the idea when he was in the field, trying to “shower” with a million hand-sized wet wipes. Aside from being a tedious (and wasteful) job, he probably smelled like synthetic lemon cleaner afterward. Thus, the idea for Epic Wipes was born – totally versatile, all-natural, and best of all, biodegradable towels infused with naturally antibacterial essential oils, so you actually smell CLEAN.

Normal wet wipe on top; Epic Wipe below.

Normal wet wipe on top; Epic Wipe below.

As it says on the package, they’re “gentle enough for a s’more covered munchkin, yet strong enough for a mud-caked mountain biker.” I’m neither of those, but after a particularly grueling hike in the dusty mountains, I gave them a try. Just one wipe effectively cleaned my entire body, removing the sweat, grime, and dirt from my feet to my face. (Though I recommend starting from your face and working down…I don’t know about you, but I’m not big on wiping my face with the same thing that just wiped my smelly feet.) It’s also gentle enough to use in – erm – other body parts, to really help give you that totally clean feeling. Youknowhutimtalkinbout.

My favorite part? I smelled SO. GOOD. The wipes are infused with chamomile, calendula, and eucalyptus essential oils – all of which not only smell lovely, but give you a pleasant, just-washed feeling on your skin. I also have fairly dry skin, and I didn’t feel like the wipe dried me out further – also a plus!

I’m excited to bring these camping with us. I generally pack a trio of antibacterial hand wipes, gentler “personal” wipes, and sturdier shower wipes when we tent-camp – not exactly “packing light,” now is it? Not to mention not environmentally friendly, which I feel strongly about. These wipes are a great solution. I also plan to bring them with me this summer when I backpack Italy and Switzerland – they’re the perfect travel product!


Epic Wipes launched their Kickstarter TODAY, so follow them to get updates on their official product launch and snag your very own wipes soon!