65685_10151937240137469_2062520928_nStranger In This Town is Becky Mahan – world traveler, writer, storyteller, California girl, coffee lover, and all around nerd.

I was born and raised in San Diego, a true California girl at heart, and a hopeless dreamer. I have a BA in Journalism from California State University, Northridge. I was set loose from 18 years of schooling fully educated, but knowing nothing about what life is truly about (though I thought I did). I started this site as a way to express my thoughts and dreams, share my adventures with the world, and meet other like-minded travelers.

I grew up with a deep love of exploration, heralding from a family of independent women and avid travelers (thanks, Gran!) Though my favorite form of travel is abroad, over seas and immersed in the unknown, there’s something to be said for local and stateside travel – particularly road trips! Plus, you’ll find me all over San Diego – at restaurants and bars, and trying every new activity I hear about, thanks in large part to my obsession with Groupon.

Plus, I work with a fantastic travel company called Gogobot – and I’m the Head Community Ambassador for their San Diego market. We throw events 1-2 times monthly, encouraging local Gogobotters to explore their own hometown and showing them how we can have adventures without having to travel very far. The app and an account are FREE, so join now and come say hi to us if you’re in San Diego!

One of my favorite songs is Stranger In This Town, a solo masterpiece by Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora. It melds my two passions together perfectly: traveling and music. Moreover, it’s the perfect alias for someone like me – a roamer, a wanderer, an explorer, always visiting new places where I am, quite literally, a stranger in their town.

I want to see the world, explore new lands, meet new people, learn new cultures and traditions. I’m a firm believer in education through experience, broadening one’s mind through exploration, and acceptance through exposure. It truly is a small world after all, and each of the planet’s 4.5 billion inhabitants has a story to tell. My love of travel combined with my passion for writing cultures a deep curiosity for that story, and an itch deep within keeps me yearning to find it. My lifetime aspiration is to look back at my past and know that I lived.

When I’m not traveling or writing, I’m wandering around in a childish euphoria at Disneyland, spending time with my awesome friends and family, and explaining the Harry Potter saga to those unfortunate souls who choose to watch the movies without picking up the books.

Have questions, comments, or feedback about the site? I love to hear from my readers! Drop me a line at becky(at)strangerinthistown(dot)com, or get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.